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“The most valuable result of Vickie’s six months of coaching is that I learned that a positive attitude is built on the ability to accept yourself. Vickie helps me find clarity to my thoughts which allows me to decipher and decide when a thought of an activity is not bottom line productive”. Director,
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Coach Vickie Bevenour

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Testimonials - Coach Vickie Bevenour at The RDW Group, Inc

Maximizing Performance Testimonials:

Vickie Bevenour has been involved in business coaching since 1995. She has channeled her extensive coaching training, hundreds of hours of business coaching and years of leadership facilitation into a coaching platform that is a catalyst for her Client’s success. She helps her Clients build awareness of obstacles to their success. Once they are aware of these, she works with her Clients to identify the choices that they have to move forward. Only then, can her Clients begin to find the true movement towards change and measurable success. Some representative results include:

• Coached Outstanding Professional who was honored with “The Triangle Business Journal “Top 40 under 40 Award in 2001” for business and community involvement and success.

• Successfully coached an Executive for leadership behavior improvement after annual employee surveys gave the individual poor scores. After 12 months, there was a 50% improvement on the scores on the next team survey.

• Successfully coached a Business Unit Director to help their entire team identify and use their strengths as a common language upon which to make decisions and run the business. The result was beating an annual goal by 30% and increasing team satisfaction.

• Successfully coached the Director of a Proposal Center to define success for their team and create a plan to get there. The result was an increase in win rate by 24%.

• Contributing Executive Coach working on the development team chartered with creating two books that coach business Entrepreneurs and Executives in achieving greater success. (Work Less, Make More and Drive Your People Wild Without Driving Them Crazy, by Jennifer White).

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Career Transition Testimonials:

Vickie Bevenour is a results-oriented career coach with a demonstrated record in training clients to successfully implement career transitions. She works with career candidates in resume development, interview skills, networking, marketing plans, and salary negotiations. Her extensive executive management experience enhances her ability to help her clients understand how to leverage their personal assets, flawlessly execute a personal marketing plan and successfully negotiate job offers. Her greatest pleasure is being a partner in the success of her Clients so that they not only get “a job” but they get the job of their dreams. Some representative results include:

• Helped a Director of Communications land a full-time position, in 3 months, with a 12% salary increase. She was 8 months pregnant at the time.

• Assisted a Product Marketing Manger relocate geographically and into a new industry in only 2˝ months with a 15% salary increase.

• Coached a Manager of e-learning in the Health Care Industry to leave a job that was not a good fit. Another position was found and an 8.5% above initial offer was negotiated.

• As a Career Coach with Right Management Consultants, one of the top Global Outplacement Firms, Coach Vickie has received an “outstanding” evaluation from over 200 Clients in the last six month period, for her delivery of career transition services

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